Who We Are

Communities in Schools is a national, community-based drop-out prevention program. Our programs support schools by working with children and youth who are most in need of assistance to overcome barriers to success in education.


The goal is to empower students to achieve in school and life.

CIS takes a holistic approach to help students succeed by addressing their physical, emotional, and academic needs through a wide range of services. Additionally, each campus served by CIS has a site coordinator to ensure services are fully and effectively delivered.

“CIS is like a friend, but with better advice.”

Today’s children and youth face a variety of stresses and circumstances on a daily basis, which can have a negative impact on their academic performance.

CIS helps students succeed in school by providing services such as:

*Supportive Guidance

*College Readiness

*Career Preparation

*Supportive services for students and parents




*Homework Support

*Health and Human Services Support

*Afterschool activities and enrichment



A one-on-one relationship with a caring adult

A safe place to learn and grow

A healthy start and a future

A marketable skill too use upon graduation

A chance to give back to the community

Ensuring student success is everyone’s job: schools, parents, communities.

In over 200 communities across 27 states, we work closely with schools, social services, businesses and thousands of volunteers to get young people the things they need to learn and grow: mentors and tutors, after-school help, family services to stabilize the home. Without these basic supports, kids in need or at-risk are far less likely to succeed and grow into productive adults.

Getting kids what they need – when they need it
Children are individuals with very individualized needs. Our school-site coordinators respond quickly, on a case-by-case basis to get kids what they need — when they need it. Help can be as simple as providing eyeglasses to a child in need or as intensive as after-school tutoring; it all depends on the child.

Proven, Evidence-based Strategy
Communities In Schools: the only dropout prevention program in the nation proven to increase graduation rates.

Recent third-party findings confirm: Of the many organizations working to improve student outcomes, Communities In Schools, through coordination of services, is proven to be more effective, and results in higher graduation rates, and higher percentages of students reaching proficiency in math and reading.


*Improve their participation in class

*Build their self-esteem

*Deal with life issues

*Improve their grades and attendance

*Recieve outside assistance

*Improve behavior and attitude towards school and life

*Stay in school


*Prepare for college

*Explore career opportunities

About Communities In Schools

How is Communities In Schools of Texas funded?

The Communities In Schools of Texas programs are funded through a combination of State, Federal and local funding. Although CIS of Texas programs is in part funded by the Texas Legislature, the majority of each program’s budget must be raised from the local communities and businesses. Despite limited resources, our programs have made tremendous progress in working to keep our young people in school, but there are many more students in need of our assistance in each CIS of Texas community.

What is Communities In Schools?

Communities In Schools of Texas (CIS) programs partner with educators, students, and parents to identify needs of students who are in need of assistance and at-risk of dropping out of school. By engaging community resource partners, CIS customizes learning supports for students and provides individual case management services.

What is the structure of Communities In Schools in Texas?

The Communities In Schools program is legislated in the Texas Education Code and receives legislative-appropriated funding to fund a portion of our work. The CIS of Texas organization is uniquely structured to ensure program success. The structure includes the following:

  • Advised by the Communities In Schools State Advisory Committee (CISSAC), appointed by the Texas Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Speaker of the House
  • Administered by the CIS of Texas State Office at the Texas Education Agency (TEA), with support from its Program Resource Center (PRC)
  • Funded partially by the Texas Legislature, with significant financial support raised from school districts, local communities and businesses.
  • Managed by local 501(c)(3)nonprofit organizations to administer all local CIS of Texas programs
  • Associated with local school districts to provide services on local campuses

How do Communities In Schools of Texas programs evaluate their impact?

The Communities In Schools of Texas program evaluates its impact through the achievements of the youth they serve. CIS of Texas programs securely monitor student-level data and track education outcomes of the participating students. The data yielded is used to grow and improve the program.

  • 98% stayed in school
  • 94% promoted to the next grade
  • 94% eligible to graduate, graduated
  • 93% targeted for behavior, improved
  • 89% targeted for academics, improved
  • 79% targeted for attendance, improved

Contact us at cisgoldencrescent@gcworkforce.org